Counseling on a One-On-One basis is the ultimate tool in Career Development.

Benefits of Power Career Coaching:

Assist in mapping the disciplines involved in searching for that new position.
Determine venues available based on strengths/weaknesses.
Evaluate present and future goals/ambitions.
Real discussions on relocation and its positive impact.
Gain a professional "ear" for questions and dialogue.
Minimize the trauma associated with separation.
Help to develop a positive, constructive attitude.
Provide direction, structure, and a sense of purpose.
Encourage individuals by introducing alternative career paths.

Who should be interested?

Those who:
Wish to advance their career.
Are currently dissatisfied with their present position.
Want to explore other opportunities.
Have been separated and are experiencing problems finding a new position.
Are planning to accept early retirement, but who wish to seek other employment.
Wish to "take a buy-out", but need to locate other work.

The Program

You will meet with your Career Coach via Telephone for five (5) pre-arranged 1-hour appointments over a maximum four (4) week period. While four weeks is recommended, if candidate requires a more condensed time frame, other plans may be arranged.


Getting organized.
An extensive interview to evaluate your professional experience, strengths, and weaknesses.
Evaluating your fears.
Examining your skills and evaluating your career path development.
Developing your "Power Résumé", with cover letter.
Beginning your search.
The Pro's and Con's of using the Internet.
Interview Techniques with role playing.
Overcoming Objections and Turning Weaknesses into Strengths.
Strategies for Negotiating.
The Offer and Accepting "The" position.
Adapting to your new environment.

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(Executive) $6,000.00 (USD)

(Non-Executive) $3,000.00 (USD)

Or choose our Hourly Rate Series. $250.00 (USD) per hour.

Prior to payment your file will be reviewed to determine whether or not this program is for you. We reserve the right to refuse entry based solely upon your work history. We will advise you of our decision within 24 business hours of receipt.


For additional information see Fees, Payments, Terms & Conditions
Should an individual taking this program wish to enroll in additional programs, they will receive a 10% discount on the next enrollment.
If you recommend other Participants (who are accepted) you will earn a Finder's Fee for each participant after their completion of program.