The Power Series was created in response to the high demand for Career Development.

Whether you have been laid off, furloughed, taken early retirement, been terminated, or just want to see what is out there, this Series is for you. Great Travel Positions are available, but they are being “picked up” by what many call the Select Few.

The Select Few is a misnomer. The correct term should be Those Who Know How to Play the Game More Effectively. There are thousands of books on the subject. Where do I start? How long will it take? How do I write an effective résumé?

P. Jason King, noted authority with over 30 years of expertise in Career Development, Career Pathing, Recruitment, Résumé Critiquing and Writing, Employee Evaluations, and Founder of Yours In Travel Group, P. Jason King Associates, Inc. and Hospitality Associates, three of the oldest, largest and most respected Search Firms in our country, has re-launched the Power Series.

Each program has been effectively utilized for years, and updated every year since inception.

Programs currently available:

          Power Résumés
          Power Career Coaching (One - On - One)
          Power Career Development (Webinars)
          Power Workshops
          Power Outplacement   (Company provides for employee groups)
          Power Résumé-Critique (Sorry, Not avail at this time)
          Corporate Sponsorships
          Meet Our Power Leaders

We know YOU will gain a tremendous advantage over those who choose not to participate.

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